September 10, 2023
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September 10, 2023 343 Fund Admin

Mana Warrior Health is a regenerative healing practice in Oahu that has sent a Volunteer Trauma Response Team utilizing Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy to serve the first responders of the devastating Lahaina fires August 2023. Tina, lead RN and founder of Mana Warrior, has joined forces with 343 Fund to provide PERMANENT healing access to the firefighters for continued healing after her 6 week mission is completed. Lahaiana FF will need long term support and services due to the direct impacts of the fires taking an extreme physical and mental toll. With access to mild hyperbaric oxygen we are supporting acute and chronic inhalation injuries, extreme fatigue, acute and chronic stress, insomnia, and more of what these brave men and women are already enduring. When we support them in the acute trauma stages, we are also preventing or mitigating potential post traumatic stress and long term injuries and illnesses. Post Traumatic Stress (PTS) is a major issue in our first responder population and we are already seeing moral injury and acute PTS episodes in Lahaina, please help us stop PTS dead in its tracks! Let US take care of the heroes for a change!

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With 343 teaming up with Mana Warrior to provide permanent healing tools in Lahaina, we will be serving them with integrative whole healing care to include breathwork, yoga, grief circles, and 24/7 access to hyperbaric oxygen therapy long term. Hyperbaric oxygen has been essential in 343 Founder, Angela Skudin’s recovery for combating Lyme’s disease. With providing continued healing access for our Maui Heroes, we will be supporting them in preventing many long term complications that may arise, as sadly witnessed with post 9/11 responders.

We are honored to serve Maui firefighters as it is aligned with our mission to provide alternative healing tools to support firefighters with essential recovery options for long term prevention and optimization NOW.

Please consider donating to this immediate response mission on Maui TODAY. Tina has been boots on ground providing care to first responders since last week and will be there directly offering medical support now through the end of September. At the end of September, we hope to LEAVE the chamber for continued use for our firefighter of Lahaina. Help Us Help Our Hawaii Heroes!

"At the end of September, we hope to LEAVE the chamber for continued use for our firefighter of Lahaina. Help Us Help Our Hawaii Heroes!"

-Tina Braddock / Board Member

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