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The 343 Fund is committed to honoring Casey’s legacy by working to improve the lives of First Responders and their families.

Primary Grants

The Casey Skudin 343 Fund provides grants for First Responders, or their life partners, to receive access to psychedelic-assisted treatments in countries where they are legal, but still unregulated.

Complementary & Holistic Medicine

At the 343 Fund, we believe that a holistic approach to healing is of the highest importance for mind, body and soul. We provide access to a variety of practitioners who embody the same ideals and views to healing as we do.

Plant-Based, Alternative Healing Modalities

For First Responders, or their life partners, interested in plant-based alternative healing modalities.



Read What People Are Saying


As a career first responder I was emotionally stunted. It may have been just a coping mechanism for the “job” but it took over all aspects of my life. To feel the way, I felt during my experience was the most alive I have been in a very long time.
It made me realize how much I was allowing events, big and small, to pass without giving it the attention and emotional energy I could or should.
Angela and the 343 Fund changed my life forever. I am eternally grateful for her and the fund to help me feel again.
Moving forward I can be a better provider, first responder, friend, human, I am humbled and thankful.


I will never be able to fully describe the gratitude and appreciation I have for Angela and the 343 Fund. They saved my life. I was emotionally stagnant and unable to find happiness. I was incapable of doing anything to dig myself out of that hole until the 343 Fund gave me not just the means, but the true support I needed to step out of the darkness that consumed me. Through the treatment I received I was able to find joy in the simple things in life again. I see the beauty in everything and feel such a deep and profound connectedness with the world and those around me that I haven’t felt since I was a child. I wish everyone could have that experience. We all deserve it.


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Angela Skudin

Angela Skudin

Founder / CEO

Jill Brodsky

Chief Operations Officer

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